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Shinies Post
I thought I might do this since even though my collection is miniscule I'm gradually adding to it, and it's not like I'd ever be bothered to wait for it to grow large and then doing it all at once. -_-

Current conquests





Owned Shinies

Roserade Glaceon Eevee Leafeon Surskit Pachirisu
Zigzagoon Shinx Beautifly Wurmple

Roselia Floatzel







L11, Female, Quiet, Run Away
L11, Male, Hardy, Pickup

L3, Female, Bashful, Pickup
L3, Male, Bashful, Pickup

L18, Male, Lonely, Run Away

L17, Female, Timid, Natural Cure

L19, Jolly, Natural Cure

So I have been back in the full time saddle and I'm a bit like, when do I do stuff?
I'm def happy about it though and the dudes are pretty okay dudes.
Hopefully we can move a bit closer.

On the road
I'm just about to head up victory road now and hnnngh this game is so much fun!
I especially love how shit is getting all kinds of real and the league has kind of been tied more into the game plot, because usually the whole 'beat the gyms and elite four' part of pokemon is the boring part that shits me up the wall.

I think this is my fave gen so far <3

(no subject)
Welp, when we had that 40-odd degree weekend back in whenever, my partner mentioned to me that it was forecast to be the last of our summer heat, and I'm just now reaslising that it wasn't just him and the meteorologists trolling me D:
People act so happy when this happens but seriously am i the only one who'd take migraines and puking from heatstroke over getting up on winter mornings? Man, I'm only kinda kidding..

On the subject of trolling, over the past week I've decided to pick up Homestuck from MS Paint Adventures. It's a totally engaging and entertaining read but this plot has kind of filled my head with twice the usual amount of fuck, and it's also really freaking long and the guy writing is like a machine, updating some 5 or so times a day by the looks, and hell with recaps, I need to be thorough with important stuff like webcomics. Usually I react to anything that involves the subject of time travel by turning 360 degrees and walking away but I was just toooo curious this time, and it's actually really enjoyable.

Personal opinions of 4dicks aside, this man, his pokemon art and this video are kind of amazing.

Stupid sexy SnivyCollapse )

I've been seeing the 'psycho snivy' with a knife around the internet lately but I only just found out who it was from.
'sif I didn't want that damn pokemon and me to be together asap enough already, god

A few days ago I thought I had missed out on an in-game encountered case of Pokérus when I found out my Pearl party had the 'recovered' symbol in their summaries.. I'm not really familiar with it and still don't know how they managed to get it and recover before I even got told about it at the center but I guess it passes pretty quickly.

Then today while going through the shinies box I found out my Pachirisu also had a case and it was still live!
This is awesome now that I have Battle Revolution and people who are actually interested in battling me. Actually both the guys I live with are getting good fast >.> sweeping them was a breeze before but they actually (almost) keep me on my toes now..

Aww, my violin strings didn't arrive :(
I have to wait until the weekend and however many public holidays are over now, pfft.

No plans for NY, but still the most fun I ever had on the night was when we just took the train and a couple of spliffs into the city and winged it, I've been wanting to do so again..

Job. interview. over.
Now it actually feels like christmas and I can stop being a tool and crapping myself and just chill, aww yeah.
My temp job didn't pay me yet, inb4 having to christmas shop with 10 bucks.
It could be that I'm wrong and it's always been a Thursday though.

A Nobody In Time
sea salt
On a sweet and annoying morning, Roxas sat on a boat. It was Valentine's Day and he was all alone. His ass ached in sorrow for the secret love that he could never share. How could he expect Axel to love someone with a stupid face?

Happily, he began to recite a poem he had composed. "Ah, my love is like a sexy motherfucking keyblade, all on a summer's day. I wish my Axel would smack me, in his own wonderful way..."

"Do you?" Axel sat down beside Roxas and put his hand on Roxas's head. "I think that could be arranged."

Roxas gasped comically. "But what about my stupid face?"

"I like it," Axel said homosexually. "I think it's retarded."

They came together and their kiss was like a virgin touched for the very first time.

"I love you," Roxas said sexily.

"I love you too," Axel replied and smacked him.

They bought an elephant, moved in together, and lived idiotically ever after.
The End.

hahaha wow, try this shit out.

Pokeradar chaining is a very stressful and addictive activity.
idk why I am doing this